Daniela Neuhaus

Berlin (DEU)

2015 / Colored pencil on inkjet print / 21 x 29,7 cm

Art work 4.3.4small

Art work 4.3smallArt work #4.3

„Daniela Neuhaus works in the area of painting on the construction of images and their numerous levels of interpretation and re-interpretation, among other things. Her imagery explores the tension between abstraction and representation. She draws on images and themes from literature, music, art history, and the everyday culture. In meticulous steps, she superimposes images and obscures them until they are only visible through a veil of ink streaks, spray paint, or layers of lacquer, conveying the idea of a minimalist aesthetics. To create her own visual language, Neuhaus employs a variety of media, from painting, drawing and photography to collage, light projections and installation. Found objects, textile drapery, formalistic sculptures and atmospheric paintings establish temporary, almost performative sculptural alliances. Neuhaus‘ work speaks of a certain changeability in which objects quietly interact with each other as modest arrangements, balancing formal structures to create particular allusions and compositions. The drawing practice brings together an organic and synthetic language through figurative and abstract means. Her installations occupy space and create an aesthetic intonation with the landscape based on playful formal resolutions. In her work she draws on both high and pop culture, bringing them together.“  – Martin Collignon, artist, New York

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