'Alicasio Perfora'

Annegret Kellner

Amsterdam (NL)

2015 / houtskool, 224 g bristol papier, perforaties / 29,7 cm x 21 cm

Art work 2.1small

Art work #2

art work #2

Annegret Kellner (Karl-Marx-Stadt, DE, 1979) studied at Academy Minerva in Groningen and the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts in Germany. She finished her Masters at the Frank-Mohr-Institute with honors. During that time she also integrated a residency at the Hunter College New York. Annegret’s work was earlier shown at Fons Welters Gallery, De Nederlandsche Bank as well as at the Nieuwe Vide in Haarlem. Additionally online platforms like Artlyst, Metropolis M, Trendbeheer, We like Art, Lost Painters, Mister Motley and Studio Attenzione featured her work.

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