'An other universe'

Stefan Peters

Hasselt (BEL)

2015 / acrylic and phosphoriscent paint on Mylar® on inkjet print / 21 x 29,7 cm

Art work 3.1.2small

Art work 3.1small

Art work #3.1

Stefan Peters can easily be called a landscape painter of the twenty-first century. Whereas traditionally an open-air painter with easel, canvas and brushes ventures into the wild world, looking for the ideal landscape, Stefan Peters sets out on this journey from behind his computer screen, with a mouse click he travels around the world. His tondi, the round paintings in different formats, show the world as he discovers it via Google Earth. This digital medium provides the artist with an inexhaustible source of visual material that can become the starting point of his paintings. It is precisely the confinement of three-dimensional perception that Peters considers as a his freedom for interpretaiton. The often exotic looking landscapes are furthermore transformed, manipulated and presented as models, film and theatre décors. Surprising cast shadows and unexpected interventions put the audience on the wrong leg. Reality and fantasy, real and unreal merge in one canvas.

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