'Building bridges'

Olympia Jensen

Berlin (DEU)

2015 / Aquarell colors and oilpaint / 21 x 29,7 cm

Art work 1.3.3small

Art work 1.3small

Art work #1.3

In 1987 Olympia Jensen was born in Vienna in a Commune founded by Otto Muehl.

Growing up surrounded by Art made it a part of her daily life. From a young age on she got familiar with Music, Visual Arts, Poetry and Performance.

In 1996 her Family moved to Portugal were she grew up in an Artist Commune. She started to play Saxophone and joined a Band. In 2007 Olympia moved to Amsterdam to study Jazz Saxophone at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Busy with studying music she never stopped exploring the visual arts.

She finished her studies as a bachelor of music and  moved to Berlin were she is working as a musician and artist.

Currently she is working on a new art project” Alone together”, dedicated to Berlin.

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