'Can you follow'

Claudia Volders

Valkenburg (NL)

2015 / Gemengde techniek / 21 x 29,7 cm

Art work #0


First art work

Claudia Volders is an artist who is in constant search for opportunities to share and connect. To find synergy. In her work she tries to find similarities on several fields.

The last few years Claudia did research on the differences and similarities between art and science. On a daily matter she is trying to search for a way to express this intermingling of art and science. By being very focussed on this matter when working on her paintings, she hopes to create a way to shape the similarities between art and science that suits both artists as scientists.

Since the start of the crisis in 2008 Claudia has the feeling that now it is time to face the fact that a new -more moralistic- labor process needs to arise in which the focus is sharing and connecting instead of taking and receiving.

Claudia received this insides on her first stay in Auroville, India where she stayed in 2001 (artist-in-residence). That is why in her art she doesn’t only work in solitaire in her studio, but she also goes outside to work on projects to make people aware of the added value of art for any expertise and that art brings so many insights and benefits.

Important in all of this is that she sees fellow artists as colleagues instead of competitors.

In for instance the GlobalDrawProject Claudia sees a connection to her personal search. She hopes to find answers to the questions: will this project take care of a holistic whole? What happens with her first drawing? How much will be seen of the original drawing at the end of the project? What kind of inspiration will artist get from this idea? How does a snapshot of time looks like? How large is this web going to be? How will this be visualized? How is thought about collegiality? And: can we create connection?

Claudia hopes to create new collaboration, new projects and new inspiration through the GlobalDrawProject and to find new refinement in her search for connection.

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