Marieke Dorenbosch

Antwerp (BEL)

2017 / Mixed techniques / 21 x 29,7 cm

Art work 1.2.2small

Art work 1.2smallArt work #1.2

Since I graduated artschool in 2000 I am working as an artist.

My daily life is my inspiration, my thoughts are my art.

Often a drawing starts with a word, a feeling, a sorrow, a joy. I call my work emotional atlases.

A blueprint of how I see- FEEL- the world.

I travel a lot, visit other cultures; mapping the area.

I am especially interested in how words as freedom, health, power, poverty, beauty change or get another impact if you are in different parts of the world..

Thats what interest me in participating in this globaldrawproject. Make a connection to other artist, other worlds.

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