'Moons rolling from my table'

Alex Winters

Amsterdam (NLD)

2015 / Graphite and photocopies on colored paper and wood / 21 cm x 29,7 cm

Art work 2.1.1small

Art work 2.1small

Art work #2.1

“By continuously showing my personal struggle with the act of drawing I every time get a glimpse of a technique I want. Graphite is wonderful to draw with but I prefer to sculpt with it till I found the skills to use it otherwise.

Even when I am drawing something simple like an empty room, I find myself showing the existential struggle grasping the space around me. Leaving others confused about seemingly obvious notions of space, perspective and representation, I just wonder how I can walk around in it.

With a tutu, video camera, hammer and a record player within hand reach I pour the idea of a drawing in liquid graphite, firing it and then engrave it. When you press a paper to it and rub, the graphite leaves a mark on the paper and the rubbing leaves marks on the graphite. Every attempt to get a drawing changes the image, depending on how you rub.

It’s all about the spatial systems and methods of drawing. They show my view on how to handle the process of drawing. I explore ways of how a drawing is made, how it is achieved, what you need to achieve it and how to (re) present it. It’s about wandering around on a piece of paper. The devices for drawing I made include weapon-like tools with pencils and crayons for ammunition, a 360 degrees drawing machine, a modified synthesizer to hear the sounds of a drawing and a bicycle with graphite tires.” – Alex Winters

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