'My Dream'

Sylvie Macias Diaz

Verviers/Brussels (BE) and Santander (ES)

2015 / mixed techniques / 21 x 29,7 cm

Art work #2

Art work #0

Art work #0

Sylvie Macias Diaz is a visual artist who lives and Works in Belgium. She spent her childhood in Belgium and Spain.

Her current work involves photography, drawing, painting and installation.

In her established approach to recycle all and everything, Sylvie Macias Diaz builds organic architetures, ecological houses, ecosophical buildings with market crates and whose poetry of the material resides in the live tracks of the materials they conveyed in the past which accumulated memories. In contrario to the idea of zen architecture, she assignsto her constructions plans or objetcts which by their functions of the conformist bourgeois system mainly evoke the excessive consumption capitalist model, so destabilizing any biological and environnemental idea’s. A réflexion on ecology but also on our current Financial crisis : the relocalisation, the precarity, the housing crisis and the new poors. In the other hand, she loves to unveil, denounce what our consumer society effer us as being compliant sociétal stereotypes and domestic happiness. She demonstrates and shows in a cynical way what the social order mechanisms which functions as a huge symbolic machine tending to ratify the male domination on which it is based.

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