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Gesine Grundmann and Arkadiusz Ignaszak

Cologne (DEU)

2015 / Mixed techniques / 21 x 29,7 cm

Art work 2.4small

Art work #2

Art work #2

Text with collaboration with Arkadiusz Ignaszak from Poznan (POL)

We met last summer in Erdöszölö in Hungary during an artist work stay. When Arik came to Cologne he visited me in my studio when I was making sketches for the GlobalDrawProject. Spontaneously we decided to do it together, as there are some similarities in our interest in abstraction an formal reduction.

Text with ‘Territories’ – 2013 – corrugated polyester sheets (thickness 1mm), matted – ca. 100 x 100 x 100 cm

The cube is made of corrugated polyester of 1mm thickness. The colour is a yellowish white with light grey veins. By sanding Grundmann matted the original high-gloss surface of the corrugated sheets.

Colour, mattedness and the translucence of the polyester provoke an effect of marble (as marble is translucent, too). Thus there is an oscillation between marble and polyester, the precious and the cheap material, between lightness and weightiness, but also between industrial mass production and handicraft.

One could also say, that regarding the value of marble and polyester this „high“ and „low“ are as well reflected in the in the wave troughs and peaks of the corrugated material.

Within the cubes  two modes of creating are at work; the setting of a form (cubes) and the following of a given form (the weaving of the sheets). The suspenseful part is where the longitudinal meets the transverse side.

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