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Sarah Baker

London (GBR)

2016 / Drawing / 21 x 29,7 cm

Art work 2.4.2small

Art work 2.4smallArt work #2.4

Sarah Baker’s body of work spans performance, photography, moving image, collage, sculpture, and scent. Her scripted narratives feature Hollywood actors and exceptional personalities such as a male synchronized swimmer and a Native American street performer. Baker also performs in her pieces; re-enacting forms of spectacle as seen on television, in tabloids and other news media. Baker’s affair with celebrity saw her starring in a TV advertisement for a Cash-for-Gold business, the subject of a Chicks On Speed song, and has landed her on the cover of magazines such as Saatchi Magazine Art & Music. Baker is currently producing an artist’s edition that masquerades as a luxury perfume brand.

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