'o.T. (Urban)'

Caroline Bayer

Berlin (DEU)

2015 / Material graphite on inkjet / 21 cm x 29,7 cm

Art work 4.3small

Art work 4 smallArt work #4

Based on the urban space and its visual systems of order, I develop drawings and installations that relate to the direct environment of the exhibition space or specific places and locations.

I study urban structures and architectural set pieces: facade elements, constructions or existing spatial planning systems. Such objects from the outer space dive inside again and create a connection between inside and outside.

By analyzing certain characteristics and qualities of the found forms and structures – materiality and color – contextualizing and reducing them to their basic shapes, a mix of architectural and artistic form is created: a hybrid between object trouvé and autonomous object.

From my archive of urban artifacts, I develop my own language of form.

Abstracted and recombined in the exhibition space, these thus created objects and drawings may be read by the viewer as codes, characters or notations. They form my aesthetic vocabulary and produce the subjective image of a particular place and a particular time.

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