Giorgia Mesquita

São Paulo (BRA)

2015 / Gouache and gold leafing on cotton paper / 21 cm x 29,7 cm

Art work #2.3.4

Art work #2.3

Art work #2.3

“My research is characterized in bringing the use of digital tools during its process, opening to new aesthetic and conceptual domains. I have constantly sought to deepen some problems of my work focused on the empirical procedures of pictorial construction. Thus, questions about the process of materialization of the paintings have been delineated, taking as reference a set of works where certain stylistic features were repeatedly employed. In the production of a painting I employ two main features. Firstly, digital images are sketched and then transposed onto the pictorial medium with a focus on precision and accuracy. It is a slow procedure, where manual techniques, mistakes and calculations potentialize directly or indirectly the work. I have been reflecting on the relation between on manual labor and time of production. I believe this interest is a position in relation to the industrial production in the world. In my practice the virtual tools are used to create new aesthetic outcomes and to rethink how we perceive the real and its in relation to the virtual.  The boundaries between the digital and analog have become very diffused and taking for granted. All the above mentions proceedings on image elaborations also appear in my recent works related to space. I have researched and used different materials and techniques, such as mirror, neon and chromatic gradients on these spatial productions. My new experiments with the space do not exclude the pictorial research and vice versa. Rather, it  increases the spatial possibilities in the field of painting.”  – Giorgia Mesquita

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