'Small questions for Sara'

Jeanne Hoffman

Capetown (ZAF)

2015 / Collage of print-out and pigment ink on Zerkell Butten writing paper / 21 x 29,7 cm

Art work 3.2.4small

Art work 3.2small

Art work #3.2

Capetonian artist Jeanne Hoffman (b.1978) works in the media of drawing, sculpture and installation.  Her work fuses the conceptual and formal concerns of drawing with found materials in three-dimensional constructions.

For me there is a direct correlation between travelling across a landscape and the path of a graphic mark, which transforms a blank page into an imaginary space: The path of the gesture of one’s hand across a page can be traced in the same way we can map our journeys across the landscape of a place. Travel, however, not always in the literal sense: There is also the travelling through materials by fusing traditional materials (like combining ancient gaze recipes with rather roughty hewn clay “gestures”) and found things. This coagulation of elements into a kind of contained chaos, become a kind of plastic mapping of sensory and material obersvations.

Central to the notion of travelling is for me, the tension between two poles: that of nest-builder and nomad. In my work I build temporary shelters for thoughts, wandering from one place to another, collecting observations, experiences and meanings. In this sense drawing is used as a gesture which allows the mind to wander along the more distant paths of memory and imagination to return with a more acute awareness of the present.


Jeanne has taken part in a number of exhibitions in South Africa and abroad. She has participated in artist-in-residency programmes in Finland, Belgium and the Netherlands, most notably the Saari Mansion Residency (Finland) and the European Ceramic Work Centre (EKWC) where she was invited back for a second working period in 2012. She currently lives and works in Cape Town and Antwerp.

Her work is in the collections of Hollard, the Flemish government, and several private collections in the Netherlands.

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