'Tanja Charly Daria'

Charly Roussel

Berlin (DEU)

2015 / Acrylic Hybrid, Watercolors, Magazine Paper / 21 cm x 29,7 cm

Art work 1.3small

Art work 1small

Art work #1

Advertisements – clear intentions of invading ones space, promising instant contentment, uniqueness, targeting passive viewers, trigger my imagination and resistance. The commodified contents and immense multiplication of images is a symptom of the times we live in and therefore an illustration of our society.

By interpreting the ad to my individual desires, I re-claim my viewing pattern, the ad no longer has the unilateral purpose of selling a product, but the ad becomes a product itself. The Collage of paint and photo transforms into a cuckoos egg. It mostly lets the onlooker recognize the original state of the ad and by doing so I implement my interpretation in his or her readings.

Forcing the eye to look at faces or bodies as if they were clouds or ink blots, is not only technically challenging but it gives me the opportunity to develop inimitable figures created by the ad and my imagination.

I consciously extend the cliché and heritage of painting over ads and public images. Dicks and moustaches are among the first weapons kids use to attack an image that invades their everyday life, letting them feel guilty of committing their first crime on paper. A natural answer to the daily super saturation, transgression and sexual overcharge we are surrounded with.

A deliberate and personal way to appropriate the public image for my artistic agenda.


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