'The Gleam'

Sandra de la Cruz

Barcelona (ESP)

2016 / Pencil, acrylic, colour pencils, watercolurs and collage / 21 x 29,7 cm

Art work 4.1.1small

Art work 4.1smallArt work #4.1

My current profession is Telecommunications engineering that combined with the illustration. My passions are art, poetry and fashion, issues on which I base my work. I currently live on the outside of Barcelona but I try to keep up with all the trends and events in the city. My base is the pencil drawings, complementing with watercolors, crayons and acrylic or spray sometimes.

I have worked for editorials like Espasa, Neopatria and other independent editorials. Now I work for my next exhibition for the gallery-shop Background in the Raval, Barcelona.

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