Amanda Falcão

London (UK)

2015 / Tracing paper, pencil, ink pigment pen / 21,4 cm x 29,8 cm

Art work 2.3.1small

Art work #2.3

Art work #2.3

“In my art I am especially interested in our relationship with space and the way we perceive it. I want to explore and investigate this relationship with an experimental approach that will provide insights into space and boundaries. By using banal materials and tools or the classic art mediums in an unconventional way I try to create a disruption in the way the work is seen and challenges the way the viewer understands it.

In my last project I wanted to investigate how wrapping up the studio space with A4 sheets of paper would reveal its form. With a mapping rule, I traced sequentially the position of an A4 sheet of paper on the surfaces of my studio space.

Wrapping embodies the idea of description of the form without content. To visually translate this concept, all surfaces of the studio were painted in white and the gestural brush strokes on the pipes were removed. The fine, light traces made by an H9 pencil entice the viewer to look closely at the boundaries of the studio.

The final outcome is a combination of the decisions created by the mapping rule, the constraints of the architecture and my own interventions.

Drawing is the base of my exploratory practice. The versatility of drawing allows me to visually register my thoughts, investigate ideas, and look attentively to things using minimal means. The GlobalDrawProject gives the opportunity to make visible artist’s works and highlights the valuable interaction between different artists’ reaction and responses to visual stimuli and ideas.” – Amanda Falcão

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