Léo Dorfner

Paris (FRA)

2015 / Watercolor on paper / 21 x 29,7 cm

Art work 3.2.1small

Art work 3.2small

Art work #3.2

Léo Dorfner was born  in 1985 in Paris, France and also lives & works in Paris. He recently made the series “Variations sur Marie”. The series “Variations sur Marie” (variations on/of Marie) is a revisitation of classic images, accentuated and vandalised on the altar of a theoretical religion worshiping pop culture and rock’n’roll. The human figure, represented in a neutral space, is covered in tattoos of a divine theme.
The formal gap between the illustrative representation of the body and the addition of text (typography, logo and drawing) to the skin and the surface of the painting accentuates the iconoclastic aspects and provocative nature of the work. Through the addition of corespondences and personal texts, the pictoral space becomes a field of literary and plastic experamentation, but also a hall of fame.

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