How it works

In short

The GlobalDrawProject wants to offer a visualisation of everything that it is possible to achieve by linking up with ‘others’. By doing so, a base is provided for the abstract concept of ‘a link’ and it is hoped that in so doing, contributions may be made to shape a sustainable new way of thinking. The GlobalDrawProject connects and visualises connection.

The practical implementation of the project shall be as follows: first, we start with one original art work, which is scanned and mailed to four artists from the Euregion. They will develop the received artwork by interpreting it, reacting to it visually and continuing to work on it in their own style on the printed work they received. They then digitally forward it to yet another four artists (worldwide) who go through the same process. The original artworks that are made shall be returned to the project’s base of operations in Limburg, where all original artworks are gathered. In total 85 art works will originate. There will be held a digital and physical exhibition. The physical exhibition will be held at the Oude Stadsgalerij in Heerlen, presenting both the original artworks and the enlarged prints of them. The entire project process may be monitored and distributed via this website and social media, through which the digital exhibition can also be viewed.

A visual presentation


The idea

The idea for this project originated by the experience that in the developments of this present society there is a change happening in which people are looking to connect. This is shown in sharing expertise, connect with like-minded people and build bridges between different opinions and views.

The GlobalDrawProject would like to visualize all that is possible to achieve by connecting with ‘the other’, being: the other minded, the other culture, the other sex, the other generation. The project will be a visualisation of all the good and beautiful things that result from creating connection.

With this we can give hold to the abstract concept of connection and we hope that we can make a contribution to the development of a new and lasting way of thinking.

By using digital means a connection can easily by realised and a wide range of people can be reached who can enjoy art on an easily approachable way. The analog exposition will give leverage to the quick changes that the digital world brings with it and will open the possibilities to real-life connections.

Our #crossborder #Limburg character

Those who live near a border simply end up getting used to it. They know the habits of their neighbours across the border and understand their culture. Therefore, borders are not limits, but rather opportunities to create something in common, to work together across borderlines. That is exactly what Limburgers are doing.

Limburgers are connectors: bridge builders who dare to see opportunities.  They are not only locally ‘street wise’, but also simply feel at home anywhere else. They bump into just as many friends in Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) as they do in Amsterdam. Limburgers are Europeans, but with a strong sense of their own identity. They contribute something to Europe and to The Netherlands’ position as a trading nation.  It is precisely this point of view that spawned the GlobalDrawProject.

Because of this point of few with our base being in Limburg – The Netherlands, we have excellent possibilities to contact German and Belgian artists with whom we can work together on this project. For us the step to Germany or Belgium is the first step into the world and that is why we would like to start with four Euregional artists. After this step we hope that we can spread throughout the rest of the world by the contacts and connections of our participating artists.

The proces

It will be very interesting to follow the process of this project. By selecting only a few artists in advance, a large part of the project will be in the hands of others: participating artists, followers, the process, fate. Not even we will know what kind of work will result from all of this, who will work on it and what effect it will have.

Follow us!

On this website, on Facebook (  and Twitter ( you can find information about the project and follow the developments.

Supporters of this project

This project is supported by Lene ter Haar, curator at Schunck (Museum  in Heerlen (NL)) and Wanda Reiff Contemporary Art.

The GlobalDrawProject is partner project of Crossborder Limburg / and is made possible by the donations made via

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