Art work #4.1.1 – Sandra de la Cruz

Posted: 4 juli 2016

We received this art work by mail. This great work is made by Sandra de la Cruz from Barcelona (ESP). She continued with the energy that was given to her by the previous art work, made by Esther Levigne. Let keep this going! More info:

New artist: #Julia Kurek

Posted: 4 april 2016

Just as important to the GlobalDrawProject as the results is the process of how the project runs. We follow the natural flow and try to guide the way it goes and not to force anything. This makes that sometimes we have a lot of new artists and art works to present and sometimes it’s a bit more quit.
That’s why –after a few weeks of silence- we are glad to introduce a new artist to the project! We welcome Julia Kurek from Gdarisk (POL) and like to show you her GlobalDraw-art soon! More info:

New artist: #Amy Baker

Posted: 3 februari 2016

Next up to introduce: Amy Baker from ‪#‎Carlisle‬ (GBR). She makes great pattern based art works in a psychedelic abstract style. More info about Amy:

New artist: #Esther Levigne

Posted: 25 januari 2016

We welcome woman of the world and ‪#‎artist‬ Esther Levigne from‪#‎Barcelona‬ (ESP) to our ‪#‎art‬ project. Her #art work will be shown to you soon and we are excited to see in what way her human interests will arise in the work. More info about Esther:

New artist: #Hallveig Agustsdottir

Posted: 23 december 2015

With the addition of #artist Hallveig Agustsdottir from Ghent (BEL) we bring more music into our #art project. Shall we see the medium drawing in her art work or will the music have the upper hand? More about Hallveig:

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